About Us

best deals on a wide range of high quality goods.
We are a unique e-commerce store that offers you the best deals on Made in Nigeria goods ranging from homewares, drinks, fashion, fragrances, food, electronics, books & more.


We render prompt local and international deliveries to over 200+ countries.
23 Global Stores is a subsidiary of 23 Global Company.
About 23 Global Company
23 Global Company is a Lagos based shipping company that helps you ship to and from over 200+ countries with ease. We help you send items to your customers, friends, and family in Canada, India, America, Germany, Netherlands, England and 200+ more countries all over the world.


With 23 Global Company, be rest assured you will never experience stressful shipping again!
Best Prices, Premium Services
Reliable Shipping
Stress-free solutions from pickup to the safe delivery of your goods to and from 200+ countries.
Valuable Partnerships
23 Global … as a shipping company enjoys partnerships with the worlds biggest cargo airlines and relevant agencies to ensure prompt delivery of your goods.
Protocol Services
23Global offers diverse levels of protocol services -including VIP services to high net worth individual and corporate clients.
Seamless Services
We provide a scalable and sustomizable solution for our customers especially those who would like to keep their goods for a while before shipping or picking it up.
Great professionalism is incomplete without great services.

Supported by a team of experienced professionals, 23 Global Company quality of services is based on high sense of responsibility and credibility as well as a customer oriented approach of logistics solutions business.

It has has thrived in Nigeria, but it has also seen great leap in its core management and provided services..